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America’s academic performance has been on a steady downward slope for decades. This decline parallels

America’s academic performance has been on a steady downward slope for decades. This decline parallels the destruction of families via no-fault divorce that has made divorce far more common as well as the laws and court behaviors that create conflict and place children into traumatic and contentious custody battles. Often these children are stripped of most or all contact with one of their parents due to wrongful sole custody decisions and the courts enabling and encouraging parental alienation child abuse. The two phenomena of poor school performance and poor family life are directly related. While parents do make their own share of mistakes, failed government policies are the glue that binds together these interconnected disasters into a destructive spiral.

All my real estate buying strategies are one hundred percent legal and ethical, by the way. Don’t get me wrong… I have used real estate agents before. I have often used them to sell my properties. I simply never talk to them when I’m on the buying side. Some of them can be really great assets — again… if you use them correctly.


However, it does not actually say, it is Christmas.

These courses will teach you essential business skills that you will need to compete in today’s environment. Computer knowledge is an ever growing skill set that is absolutely required in businesses today. If you want to compete in business and earn more money, you will need to expand your skills beyond the basic know-how’s of a computer.

This simple idea of “monkey see, monkey do” is usually just chalked up to a childhood game, but what many people don’t realize is that it applies to social skills too! If you display social skills consistently at home, they will become a habit and a way of life for your children. It is the perfect way to teach basic skills to your children without them realizing that they are learning!

He should be ready with a wide range of vocabulary.

The interpretation of Isaiah 14:12 has a different meaning according to the Freemasons. Their interpretation is quite complex but is basically like Biblical chapter relates to prophesy which the entire book of Isaiah does. In chapter 14 it contains a prophesy regarding the Kings of Babylon centering specifically on Nebuchadnezzar. The Freemasons explain that this particular King thought himself about mankind as a celestial body, but when Babylon is destroyed, Nebuchadnezzar will find himself as simply mortal. The scripture is often referred to in the Hebrew language. The word heyleyl translated means daystar and refers to the planet Venus. Being a book of prophesy it can be complex to understand.

And again, when I look at free-market capitalism and academia, I see there are entrepreneurial solutions to education also. For instance, consider this problem; if the Universities didn’t charge so much or charge $200 for text books (due to the monopoly of the system), then there might not be any alternative solutions being floated.


In order to decide what introductory classes to take, you should take your personality into consideration. However, putting emotion aside, I do believe that extending the school year makes good economic sense right now. Don’t worry about grammatical mistakes and things for this first run.