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My first teaching job was in rural Texas. We were on the forefront of the

My first teaching job was in rural Texas. We were on the forefront of the computer age. Every student had his or her own computer. The cows would graze outside the cafeteria at lunch time. We produced plays in the gymnasium. All students were allowed to be special and I watched the children flourish.

One of the main reasons students go back to school is so they can invest in themselves. Education doesn’t depreciate. It only helps you accomplish your goals. Who else would you rather invest in? Are you looking for a promotion or a new job? Higher education will usually put your resume above other candidates with just a bachelor’s degree. So going back to school for an advanced degree can build your self-esteem and also help you land the position of your dreams.


It is the attitudinal change that I plead for!

Online college programs are truly focused on bettering the system for the betterment of the student. Those who are reticent about returning to school after a prolonged absence will have their qualms quelled quickly. Taking online classes helps familiarize students with new technology, making them even better prepared for the job market.

Speaking about the niche, allow me to explain them. The candidates will be given an option to choose from a host of subjects. Some of them are optional, while the rest of them must be completed mandatory. The bottom line is simple – choose the subjects wisely and proceed with the course. Time flies – within weeks you will be holding a degree that will land you on some of the best paying jobs in the medical niche. All it takes is determination, perseverance and intelligence! By the time you have completed interactive clinical education, you are going to be one happy man (or woman)!

This simple application process serves a big purpose.

America’s academic performance has been on a steady downward slope for decades. This decline parallels the destruction of families via no-fault divorce that has made divorce far more common as well as the laws and court behaviors that create conflict and place children into traumatic and contentious custody battles. Often these children are stripped of most or all contact with one of their parents due to wrongful sole custody decisions and the courts enabling and encouraging parental alienation child abuse. The two phenomena of poor school performance and poor family life are directly related. While parents do make their own share of mistakes, failed government policies are the glue that binds together these interconnected disasters into a destructive spiral.

I have noticed in the Western ESP in general, and science and technology in particular, a strong bias towards ethno-centricism in approach and neglect of intranational motivation for the uses of English. It is not possible to practice ESP effectively unless we respect, what John Swales call, “local knowledge” and “localized pragmatic needs”. After all, we use the language as a tool and we cannot ignore the localized innovations that have “code-related” and “context-related” dimensions. We ought to view non-native innovations in ESP as positive and consider them as part of the pragmatic needs of the users. It is the attitudinal change that I plead for!


You can create reports, seminars, webinars, etc. Video Conferencing is the online bridge for the students to reach the experts. One of the biggest drivers of an advancing economy is innovation. You’d be amazed at how many people reach adulthood without ever having found out that one bit of information that would have saved them trouble…

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