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Individuals who have had their blood drawn for any number of purposes may have received

Individuals who have had their blood drawn for any number of purposes may have received this procedure from a phlebotomist. The ability to do this is a vital skill that is needed across the country in every medical facility and hospital. Students can turn to online learning to gain the skills necessary to step into this satisfying career.

Another benefit of a Christian education is the education itself. It is especially true of Classical Christian schools that there education is often times much better than the government schools in the area. The students of these types of schools tend to score higher on standardized tests and are generally more prepared for college as well!


Okay so, I have some comments to add here today.

Another factor working against modern gifted education is that the programs designed to educate gifted children are being closed in favor of transferring these funds into state testing preparation materials or other such programs. During my own years in the classroom in preparation for state testing, the primary focus has always been on the lower level student and the so-called “bubble student” who is only a few points away from passing. Ninety percent of the test prep resources are geared for these children and all of the activities are designed to review or teach the at-risk kids. The gifted child who is going to pass these tests regardless is purposefully left out of the test review process. For three to four weeks during the test review, the gifted child is left out of the educational process and expected to simply fend for themselves.

This first factor was the increasing division amongst assimilated Americans in terms of education and consequently wealth. There was always a large wealth gap between tycoons/descendants of British elites and the rest which was heavily correlated with ethnic lineage. However the GI Bill and mass access to college in second half of the 20th century (particularly by 1960s) really gave a large number of whites of all stripes a way to leap into the power demographic. “Middle Class” as a term actually began to partially stop being an early 1950s cold war propaganda tool to mask and ease class tensions (by putting into peoples minds the idea that wealth is on a continuum with a fatty middle rather than a narrow pyramid with a wide base) and began to become a reality for a number of white Americans.

Christian translation = Lucifer = Satan.

Our schools have become the baby-sitters for our children. We offer more and more extra-curricular activities in an attempt to take the pressure of being a parent off of our parents. Many schools are judged not in terms of academics, but by how many sports championships they have. Or band championships. Or ‘whatever’ championships.

Most programs consist of a clinical course requirement. This is where students gain practical experience by actually administering learned skills. Students typically work in a hospital or doctor’s office where they are observed using skills gained inside the classroom. Feedback is given and is incorporated with future patients. Earning at least one hundred (100) hours of vein and skin punctures is required before taking the certification exam. Certification is handed out after completion of exams given by medical boards that include the American Medical Technologists. Furthering education through more training can be completed online and is solely up to students to decide if they want more knowledge in phlebotomy.


Having the best experience comes about when those who care make their selection with the highest level of attention to detail. To the elites it never made any difference what color the poor subjects were. Most likely not because that is usually something you explore in more depth while in law school.

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