The Fantasy About Education Revealed

Problems with underperforming American school kids cannot be fully fixed without fixing the broken family

Problems with underperforming American school kids cannot be fully fixed without fixing the broken family policies in this country. Any politician who advocates school reform without also advocating reform of this country’s abusive family policies, laws, and courts is uninformed, a coward unwilling to fight the strong lobby of divorce industry profiteers, or has some agenda that is not good for the nation and its children.

One of the main reasons students go back to school is so they can invest in themselves. Education doesn’t depreciate. It only helps you accomplish your goals. Who else would you rather invest in? Are you looking for a promotion or a new job? Higher education will usually put your resume above other candidates with just a bachelor’s degree. So going back to school for an advanced degree can build your self-esteem and also help you land the position of your dreams.


Latin translations = Lucifer = Light bearing.

Its a fact that most traders trade to much and try and force profits from the market but they all lose. Hard work or trading frequently, doesn’t increase your odds of success and the pro trader knows this. Just like the great poker players, they take their losses or wait, until the right opportunity comes along and you must do this in Forex trading too.

The increasing cost of education is causing students the world over to postpone or give up on their dream of furthering their education in order to work for their tuition. Furthermore, the increasing competition in the job market, especially now as the world economy is facing rough weather, is only adding to the woes of the students. While many professionals with a number of years of experience are being forced to return to classrooms or opt for online university programs to improve or enhance their education qualifications.

Yale University (New Haven, Conn.) The point is this!

Non-white Hispanics and blacks combined at 25% of the population ( and burdened in large parts not only by original cultural prejudice but also the newer overlapping culturalism from urban educated). The culturalism against these two groups is rarely manifest by hostile acts or words but by typical effective way of depriving anything of power which is excluding and ignoring.

All of the “trainers” are specially chosen business people with tons of experience, so all the “trainees” will be able to learn from the best. Much of the classroom training includes interaction between the students with some very special benefits. The entire class can be a mastermind group of people who help each other solve the business issues of the day.


Many have said that the internet is today’s Wild West. Well grants, and yes even loans are readily available to all those who apply. This decline parallels the destruction of families via no-fault divorce that has made divorce far more common as well as the laws and court behaviors that create conflict and place children into traumatic and contentious custody battles.

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