The Chronicles of Education

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Latin translations = Lucifer = Light bearing ..levels, depending on the field being studied. You can complete coursework on your own schedule, which can take anywhere from several months of study to eight years. Training will cover the coursework that can help you become successful. If you’re considering taking online courses don’t let the non-traditional format scare you. Online schooling today is becoming more interactive and acceptable. Accredited online education is continually getting better and easier for students.

Maybe, a conference like this augurs well for friends in the department of Humanities & Social Sciences, as they seek to explore interdisciplinarity, which indeed expands the scope of teaching and research. But I must provide a perspective to my several remarks that ensue from my reflections on the quality of intellectual activity in most technical institutions vis-a-vis the negligible support for scholarship in the Humanities, perhaps with the belief that the humanities are not ‘real subjects’ or that these have no bearing on learning of technical subjects, or these bring no demonstrable economic benefit.


Don’t allow the word AID to get in your way.

Second, the economic resources sucked out of their families into the greedy hands of the divorce industry and the government probably would have been spent in part on enrichment activities. Some parents might choose camps, others may choose educational vacations, others arts and crafts or fix-it projects, and still others might work part-time to spend more time with their kids. But American style divorce means that all of these options are largely lost except for the very wealthy.

Last year, we started bringing the children’s Nature Notebooks whenever we went to the wilderness park (Nature Notebooks are essentially just artist sketchbooks where the children can draw whatever natural items strike their fancy). These are just some of the interesting and surprising things you may not have known about Cambridge.

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When you are searching for just the right learning tools to help the development of a child; the perfect gift can be found for all ages and personality types. Having the best experience comes about when those who care make their selection with the highest level of attention to detail. There is absolutely no reason for a child during these times to be compromised by the toys the love; there are just too many natural resources to align with.

As their videos of the arts and drama show, there’s another real benefit in a boys-only school: without the usual adolescent posturing around girls, the boys are free to pursue what they want in class, including courses that might appear “uncool” or “lame” in a co-ed environment. The result is students try any classes that they are interested in, whether it be sports or academics, and therefore they have a real chance to train in what they are best at, and most likely to excel in.


The President backed up his request by adding funding for the idea in his economic stimulus bill. If there is one thing that developmental economists have learnt, it is this: education is the most important factor in economic growth. Look at II Samuel Chapter 6 and at verse 13 in the Old Testament.

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