Reasoned Explanations Why Education Gets Bad Reviews

Career services programs help students take what they’re learning online and apply these skills to

Career services programs help students take what they’re learning online and apply these skills to the real world. Career services also encourage them to communicate positively with future employers. Finally, career services help foster a sense of pride and accomplishment about their college success that many new students have difficulty doing on their own.

Those with a strong idea of what they want to do can consider part-time studies in a reputable school while undertaking a full-time assistant-level job in a relevant field. As a part-time student, you will graduate with a balance of work experience and an education. A major advantage will be having a stable income while you study, but it comes at the cost of fighting fatigue to concentrate during classes after a hard day’s work.


The carry forward is limited to five years.

Given the various flaws in the education system, many people become more vulnerable to bad financial advice. As a result, financial problems occur and this causes them to gain financial wisdom the hard way. Since prevention is better than cure, it is definitely better if we wire in sound financial concepts into students before they step into the outside world. The following single lesson below is one I deem extremely important for students to know, adding on to the 3 addressed in Part 1.

And, of course, it is true eternally. In hell it is pitch dark, and we can read of that in Jude verse 13 and II Peter Chapter 2, and in Matthew Chapters 8 and 22. How terrible to be in outer darkness perpetually and eternally, especially when a person has had the opportunity to receive the light of Jesus and the mercy and love of Jesus, and to have rejected the lot.

This is an area that needs to be revamped.

Some years ago as a professor at Georgian Court University, I was involved in a faculty round table to discuss means by which our program could better prepare students for the classroom. Chief among our concerns was how classes were now including a growing number of special needs students. Teachers could be faced with learning disabilities ranging from mild ADD through children on the autism spectrum or even Down syndrome. As this trend was likely to accelerate, we all agreed more preparation was required.

As a free-market guy my thinking is that competition is needed, and you can understand why parents are upset when money might be tight, and their kid’s school isn’t teaching them anything, and if they put them into a private school, they pay twice. So, “vouchers” is their battle cry. And it’s not just a problem at the K-12 level but also in education and academia in general. As a taxpayer, I am rather upset paying property taxes, which the schools use to educate, then note that High School Students are graduating without being about to read or write or do anything but the very basic math, if that.


You do want them to do well on those. Of course you don’t, you want to learn and know what it takes to be at the top of the heap. An associate’s degree usually takes less than two years. Asking yourself “What knowledge and clients am I excited about” is an important first step in laying the foundation for a successful fitness business.

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