Five Predictions on Education in The New Year

In my coaching efforts with small business owners, I find that one of the most

In my coaching efforts with small business owners, I find that one of the most overlooked items when designing a marketing campaign is also one of the most important and should never be skipped: identifying your target population. It sounds so basic, yet it is so regularly skipped. Most of the business owners I coach cast too wide a net and therefore don’t find their response rates or opt-in rates nearly as high as they would like. They aren’t able to get clients on the phone or to return phone calls; get them to respond to e-mails; visit their website; answer direct mails; or anything. Their bosses or some sales strategies tell them it’s a numbers game, just keep trying.

Price may be a concern when deciding whether to obtain your executive MBA. It is true that the cost can seem quite steep; however, the price of the degree is an investment in your future. In some cases, it may be possible to defray the cost by working with your employer. Even if this is not the case, understanding the inherent benefits of an MBA and an executive MBA in particular, often makes the price of the degree well worthwhile.


Richard Booth was the board’s first chairman.

It seems like the cost of everything gets more expensive as the years pass, and the cost of a college education is no exception to that. The difficulty of attending school without an accompanying job to pay for classes is apparent. Many college students have new preferences as to what should constitute their college degree program, and traditional brick-and-mortar college programs don’t quite fit the bill anymore. Online degree programs provide a more cost friendly and efficient manner for students to earn their college degree while simultaneously balancing their work and other responsibilities.

Now, why is it better to gain commercial qualifications as opposed to more traditional academic qualifications obtained from tech’ colleges and universities? With 3 and 4 year academic degree costs becoming a tall order for many, plus the industry’s recognition that corporate based study often has more relevance in the commercial field, we have seen a great increase in CISCO, Adobe, Microsoft and CompTIA authorised training paths that educate students for considerably less. In a nutshell, only required knowledge is taught. Actually, it’s not quite as pared down as that, but the most important function is always to concentrate on the fundamentally important skill-sets (alongside some required background) – without going into too much detail in everything else (as degree courses are known to do).

Compare a high school graduate to a college graduate.

One of the main reasons students go back to school is so they can invest in themselves. Education doesn’t depreciate. It only helps you accomplish your goals. Who else would you rather invest in? Are you looking for a promotion or a new job? Higher education will usually put your resume above other candidates with just a bachelor’s degree. So going back to school for an advanced degree can build your self-esteem and also help you land the position of your dreams.

In elementary school we were taught how to read, solve equations, and play an instrument. On Thursdays we square-danced, we had a gym teacher, a French teacher, an art teacher… I would wake in the morning wondering what magic that day had in store. Undergraduate Degree Consideration – are you ok? Do you need help? Can I help you? Let me help you.


Between 2007 and 2008, information from the Instructional Technology Council shows, two-year degree-granting community colleges cited a 22 percent increase in online college programming enrollments. The pastoral team is made up of Pastor Preston Thompson, who focuses on providing vision for the church and its members and preaching the Word of God.

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