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The term ‘Down Under’ refers to countries like Australia, New Zealand, and adjacent islands in

The term ‘Down Under’ refers to countries like Australia, New Zealand, and adjacent islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Australia as one of the seven continents of the world is counted among top 4 education destinations for international students, the others being the USA, UK and Canada. Similarly, New Zealand is not far behind in terms of high-quality education and is rather giving its bigger counterpart a run for its money. Both Australia and New Zealand collectively represent the true global exposure of education down under.

The most important idea that I want you to walk away with from this article is that music education will develop a portfolio of skills necessary for your child to prosper and succeed in life. The goal of music education is not to become a big star or famous musical artist, or even a singer. That’s not the prosperity I’m talking about. The skills that music education teaches can be used in any profession that your children chooses when they grow up.


American University, BS Liberal Arts, 2004 – 2008.

The connection between divorce and poor school performance is not a new discovery. A 1991 study entitled Academic performance in children of divorce: psychological resilience and vulnerability found children of divorce suffered lower academic performance compared to children of intact families. Yet the researchers noted that not all children of divorce fared equally poorly. There appeared to be two subgroups of children of divorce, those who were not far different from their peers in intact families and those who performed drastically worse. I call the second subgroup the “children of conflict” to emphasize that it is not merely a divorce that is causing the trouble, it is a conflict-prone family life that leaves children feeling very insecure.

Are you looking to start your own business and don’t know where to start? Have you considered a Masters of Business Administration? More and more students are returning to school for a business degree so they can start their own business. If you think about it, what’s better than being your own boss? A business degree will give you the foundation courses you need to be successful including: marketing, management, accounting, and finance. A general business degree can also land you different positions in different fields if your start-up business does not succeed.

Do not waste your time as I did on such things.

Check into the different options for training or educational program. Once the decision is narrowed to just a few choices, verify that these programs are approved to accept VA education benefits. Questions like these can typically be answered by the financial aid office in each particular school. Also, if you need help deciding on a program, meet with a counselor and look at the available degree programs.

Share market is one of the ways to earn an alternate income and good returns for our investments. You are also at the risk of losing your hard earned money if you do not do proper research and invest. If you choose the wrong shares, then there is more probability to lose your money. So please get some stock market education and understand the stock market basics for doing proper research.


The government and its “child protection” agencies and family law courts pit parents against each other in custody wars, sapping the family’s resources that could have been better allocated to education and raising children. There’s a shortage of qualified people in the industry, just check out any jobs website and you will find them yourself.

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