Alternative Career Options to Choose for UPSC Aspirants

Alternative Career Options to Choose for UPSC Aspirants

There are many reasons because of which UPSC CSE is considered to be one of the toughest Indian exams. The number of aspirants applying for the top posts in various civil services along with the final allocation is two of these factors. If you take a look at the ratio of aspirants versus the number of vacancies, the picture becomes perfectly clear. In any case, aspirants must leave no stone unturned to succeed in this exam. Concentrating on self-studies and joining one of the top 10 IAS coaching centers in Chennai will be a good start. However, at times, things won’t go your way despite tremendous efforts. What should you do in that situation?

Understand the scenario

In 2018, more than five lacs candidates applied for a Meager 792 vacancies. The reputation of civil services along with power and prestige that comes along with it has ensured UPSC civil services remains one of the most highly sought-after career options for young minds. Thousands of candidates want to join a top 10 IAS academy in Chennai. This is an indicator of the mindset of these aspiring civil servants.

The changing landscape

Until 2018, if a candidate wasn’t selected by UPSC in the final merit list, they had no option except giving it another shot. However, recent regulations have made lives easier for all those who qualify for the interviews without making it to the final merit list.

UPSC would release the names and scores of all interviewees. Public sector undertakings and other organizations have the option of hiring these aspirants for various posts for which they are found suitable. Administrative and managerial positions are ideal for the candidates who have proven their worth by reaching the interview stage of UPSC CSE.

How does it help?

UPSC CSE lasts for an entire year. Suppose you write the preliminary exam in June 2020. The results for the prelims will be declared a month later. The mains exam will be conducted in September or October. The list of selected candidates will be announced in December. The interviews will take place in February or March of 2021. And the final merit list is made public in May or June of 2021. So, the process carries on from June 2020 to May 2021. In case you made it to the interviews, you wouldn’t know whether you are going to get selected before May of 2021.

If you fail to make it to the final merit list, then an entire year goes down the drain. You’ll need to start from scratch. Can you imagine the disappointment of candidates who fail to make even after appearing for the interviews? Hopelessness and depression will be around the corner, waiting to enter their lives. It is for these candidates’ future that the scores of aspirants are being made available to other institutions. They can get well-paying jobs worthy of their stature even if they don’t make it to the final list after appearing for the interview stage.

The news is all good

Some of you will be pleased to find out that various PSUs such as ONGC have come on board with these plans. In 2019 they released vacancies for the posts of Administrative Managers and Human Resources executives from the list of candidates who didn’t make it to UPSC recommendations despite qualifying for the interviews. The future looks even brighter because more organizations are all set to follow this trend. So, even if you don’t become an IAS, IFS, or IPS officer, you can create a decent life for yourself.

Create a backup

UPSC CSE aspirants must be reasonable and rational in their approach. No matter how talented you are, you might not make it because of a little bad luck. So, if you have a backup career option to fall back on, you’ll make your life convenient. You will also give yourself the best shot at the exam because you can continue preparing and enjoying the process without too many worries.

Many aspirants switch their ambitions after a couple of failed attempts. This is not the way things should be. You should prioritize civil services without being hung up about the effects of failure. Do it for the taste of success, not for fear of failure.